Business Consulting Group


Mission Statement
We help our clients achieve superior outcomes by providing thoughtful, caring advice while acting with honor and integrity.  We maintain an intellectually stimulating, inclusive, fair and fun place to work.  We seek to improve our local and global communities through the responsible and direct actions of our firm and its people.
Team Philosophy
By working as a single team with shared values, objectives and motivations, we accomplish our mission and follow our vision.  Every employee of Business Consulting Group is an owner and shares in the successes of our clients and our firm.  We review our work and seek feedback from our clients and teammates.
Business Consulting Group provides independent and objective advice and analysis.  We have the experience and training from major investment banks and professional service firms, but we do not have any objective other than to work in the best interests of our clients.  We do not cross sell other products, and we avoid conflicts of interest.
Business Consulting Group provides our clients a commitment to maintaining confidentiality in everything we do.  When planning your strategy or undertaking a transaction, it is essential that confidentiality be maintained and only those people directly involved in your plans learn of your efforts.  Every assignment starts by executing a confidentiality agreement, binding us to protecting your information and plans.