Business Consulting Group


Fairness Opinions

Professionally completed and prepared fairness opinions are critical for the well-being

of independent board members, trustees and minority shareholders in the midst of a
merger and acquisition or sale of a business. While it is often thought that fairness
opinions are only for transactions involving larger companies, private and public
companies which have outside and minority shareholders should commission a fairness
opinion anytime there is a transaction which involves the sale of equity to either third
parties or controlling shareholders.

In today’s litigious environment, no board or fiduciary should proceed with a major
transaction without an independent and objective point-of-view about the fairness of the transaction to all of the shareholders. The benefit of knowing that the terms and price
are fair can make 
a huge difference in gaining the support of both independent directors as well as outside shareholders.

Business Consulting Group’s professionals have many years of experience providing fairness opinions to the boards of both publicly traded as well as private companies. Having closed hundreds of transactions, our professionals have the expertise to quickly understand complex transaction structures. If required, our professionals also have extensive experience defending fairness opinions in the event of shareholder litigation.