Comprehensive Consulting Services For Your Company

Business Consulting Group, LLC offers a full range of financial advisory and valuation services. With many years of experience in corporate finance and investment banking, our principals specialize in providing M&A advisory work and private placements. In addition, we focus on providing corporate valuations, fairness opinions, ESOP and ERISA valuations, gift and estate tax valuations, litigation consulting, and expert testimony.

For those businesses considering a sale or merger, Business Consulting Group’s professionals have successfully closed well over 200 sell-side merger and acquisition assignments worth billions of dollars. We can guide you throughout all stages of the process and are experienced in preparing our clients for these transactions, finding the best buyers, and closing assignments quickly, efficiently, and confidentially.

For buy-side clients, we have extensive experience helping companies to expand through acquisitions and have worked with some of the world’s largest corporations as well as many mid-sized companies. Business owners, and their advisors, often turn to Business Consulting Group to help them make informed decisions regarding financial and management issues. Our experienced professionals help managers to develop business plans, provide support to structure and facilitate reorganizations, provide succession planning consultation, and conduct feasibility studies.

Business Consulting Group’s team has deep experience helping companies to raise both debt and equity capital. Whether you are looking to grow through acquisition, strengthen your balance sheet, or recapitalize your company, With direct access to hundreds of commercial bankers, private equity investors, and venture capitalists, we have the reach and expertise to help your company meet its financing needs.

Evaluating the monetary and market damages which can result from disputed transactions is a specialty of our team. Business Consulting Group’s professionals use their real-world business experience along with their training in corporate finance, accounting, economics, and valuation analysis to clarify the economic issues in litigation involving areas such as valuations, fairness disputes amongst shareholders, breach of contract, failed merger and acquisition transactions, and breaches of representations and warranties.

We frequently are called upon to provide testimony as independent experts. We are available to consult before litigation commences. If litigation starts, we are typically called upon to perform a detailed analysis, provide a written report, develop exhibits, and rebut the opposing side’s expert’s position.

Even a good analysis based on the strongest model quantifying economic damages may not be persuasive without an expert to convincingly present the financial and economic issues relevant to your case. At Business Consulting Group, our experts have been qualified and have successfully testified in both state and federal courts. Our personnel have been qualified by courts involving cases in technology, manufacturing, business services, financial services, consumer products, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, minerals, alternative energy, media, and entertainment as well as real-estate.

A professional and independent fairness opinion is critical for the well-being of independent board members, trustees, and minority shareholders during a merger and acquisition, sale of a business or any transaction where there maybe conflicts of interest amongst any significant owners and other shareholders. While it is often thought that fairness opinions are only for transactions involving larger companies, private and public companies of any size which have outside, and minority shareholders should commission a fairness opinion anytime there is a transaction which involves the sale of equity to either third parties or controlling shareholders.

In today’s litigious environment, no board or fiduciary should proceed with a significant transaction without an independent and objective point-of-view about the fairness of the transaction to all the shareholders. The benefit of knowing that the terms and price are fair can make an enormous difference in gaining the support of both independent directors as well as outside shareholders.

Business Consulting Group’s professionals have many years of experience providing independent fairness opinions to the boards and shareholders of both publicly traded as well as private companies. Having closed hundreds of transactions, our professionals have the expertise to quickly understand complex transaction structures. If required, our professionals also have extensive experience defending fairness opinions in the event of shareholder litigation.

Accurate business valuations are often essential and impact companies of all sizes. While some valuations are required for tax and regulatory purposes, others are undertaken to analyze plans for transition in ownership, the financial value of specific products or operations to develop strategy, minimize risk, plan for mergers or sales, and to maximize the operational and financial strengths of your company.

Business Consulting Group implements thorough and complete valuations which are based on our proven proprietary process and analysis. In addition to meeting the needs of our clients and being actionable, our reports are specifically designed to comply with both professional as well as regulatory standards when required.